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Pawpaw - Coming Soon

Homeschool Compliance Made Easy!

The Pawpaw app simplifies the homeschool compliance process and alleviates burden on both administrators and homeschooling families providing an end to end service that is fast, easy, and efficient letting schools and families focus on what matters most - the best education for every student.

Our Model School

As part of building the pawpaw app we realized there was a need for a free and easy to use model (also known as an outline, scope and sequence or plan of instruction) that met the requirements for homeschool administrators and homeschool families. The model is designed to include the necessary learning objectives without dictating specific texts or courses. So no matter whether you are un-schooling, using boxed curriculum or building something of your own, you can use the model school to make compliance easy!

Still want to customize your plan of instruction?

Feel free to do so - you can copy the model and edited as needed.

Want to share your own model for others to use? No problem!

Sharing is the default for pawpaw models (so please don't include anything private!).

Released under the MIT license.